What To Do After You Move In

Moving into a new home is an exciting time for most people. You and your family are likely to be very enthusiastic about getting to know your new hometown and exploring the part of the country that you will now call home. Maybe you’re getting ready to start a new job or perhaps you’re preparing for your freshman year of college. No matter the reason, a new move to a new home brings many new opportunities. There’s just one problem, all of the stuff you have to do right now in order to get settled into your new home. Unpacking, arranging furniture, tending to family needs, the list goes on and it can start to seem like getting settled into a new home is a bit of a chore. Luckily, we’re here to let you know that it doesn’t have to be. We have decades of experience helping people move into new homes so we’ve seen firsthand what it takes to get settled quickly. We’ve also noticed that there are a few things that people sometimes forget to do when they get caught up in the excitement of a move. Here are a few things you’ll want to make sure to get done after you move in.

[PQright]Maybe you’re getting ready to start a new job or perhaps you’re preparing for your freshman year of college. No matter the reason a new move to a new home brings many new opportunities.[/PQright]

Transfer Utilities – Make sure you transfer your utility services over to your new home before you arrive there. You’ll want service to be transferred as quickly as possible in case there are any unexpected hiccups in the transfer process, it’s better to get any issues out of the way early. Also, if you’re moving out of state, you may have to get completely new services set up, as many utility companies only operate within a given region. Transferring utilities can usually be as easy as filling out a form online or making a quick phone call to the utility company.

Keep Your Important Documents/Receipts Together – Whether it’s a copy of a lease agreement, a deed or the moving company’s bill of lading, the documents that come up when moving are usually very important, even after you’ve moved in. Having these documents may even help you claim part of your moving expenses on your tax return in certain situations. We recommend keeping these documents in a lockable, fireproof safe that can be purchased at many department stores.

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Update Your Insurance Policies – Utility services aren’t the only things that change based on the state you live in. In fact, insurance can actually fluctuate even if you move to the next town over. It’s important to contact the insurance company before you move in order to ensure that your coverage never waivers. This is just as important for auto policies as it is for home policies.

Forward the Mail – You might be amazed as to how often people forget to forward their mail. Not having mail forwarded from an old address can be a hassle if you’ve moved just down the street. If you’re moving across the country or internationally, not getting your mail on time can cause some serious issues. You’ll have to fill out a lot of change of address forms for a host of different reasons when you move, so it’s easy to lose track of who has the right address and who doesn’t. Make moving a little easier on yourself and fill out a change of address form with the post office or online a day or two before you move.

Change Your Locks – Even if the realtor or previous owner has assured you that all keys are accounted for, change the locks anyway. It’s impossible to be sure that there are no lost keys floating around out there, especially if the previous owner never had the locks changed themselves. Ensure your family’s safety with a brand-new set of locks.

Moving into a new home is a fun and exciting time for all involved. Help take the hassle out of your to-do list with these easy helpful tips. If you follow our advice, you’ll be moved in and enjoying your new home in no time.


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