Northern Virginia Movers Are Ready: Will Amazon Choose Virginia?

Northern Virginia, at first look, may not seem like the strongest candidate for the United States’ next tech hub, but when you take a closer look, you’ll know immediately why Amazon is considering this region for its new, second headquarters. We think it’s a wonder our area of the country hasn’t been recognized already for its tech leadership.

If Amazon chooses northern Virginia as its second national headquarters (and why wouldn’t it, with its great commuter transportation, an educated & tech-oriented workforce and proximity to the nation’s capital?) northern Virginia movers are prepared for an influx of tech workers in their families to this area in the coming years.

Amazon Virginia: A Match Made In Heaven

Did you know northern Virginia is the data capital of the country? More than 70% of all online traffic is directed through data centers based in northern Virginia. Qualified technology and development experts seeking employment have been flocking to the region for years because of its proximity to government agencies serving Washington, DC. Amazon’s promised investment of five billion dollars and 50,000 new jobs will be well-served by northern Virginia’s already tech-oriented workforce.

Northern Virginia moving companies have served the growing, young northern Virginia work force. Even without Amazon investing in the region, the economy of northern Virginia will continue to thrive, attracting an educated workforce for the state and cementing its status as a major tech hub. Young entrepreneurs are leaving the Bay Area, and they’re looking for lower real estate prices without sacrificing great amenities.

Northern Virginia Culture & History

Culturally, it makes sense that northern Virginia is seeing increased interest from young, educated workers. As one of the historical epicenters of the United States, Virginia has played witness to the development of our democracy, and moving to Virginia is a chance to reconnect to American History. In northern Virginia, numerous historic battlefields are nearby, including the site of the Battles of Bull Run. Then you can sample the goods at one of the country’s best small batch distilleries: The A. Smith Bowman Distillery.

Northern Virginia also has a vibrant arts community. The Torpedo Factory, one of the crown jewels of this bourgeoning art region, was previously a U.S. Navy torpedo factory that was transitioned in 1974 to accommodate over 160 working artisans. You can visit and view the work on display and even attend art classes for all skill levels.

Tech Opportunity In Northern Virginia With Amazon

It’s true that if Amazon ends up choosing northern Virginia as its second home, the region will be cemented as a powerful, important tech region. But northern Virginia, with its proximity to Washington and historical importance to data companies and government agencies, will only continue to witness a rise in employment, population, amenities, infrastructure and booming economic development.

With or without Amazon, northern Virginia movers are ready to serve a new generation and a new tech-oriented workforce move safely into their new homes. Whether you’re fresh out of college or you’re in an established career, moving to northern Virginia will be a great investment for your career, future and your family.


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