What You Need to Know Before Moving to Manassas

[PQright]Moving to Manassas, VA means you will be within driving distance to great beaches, historical landmarks, and the nation’s capital which is also the nation’s 6th largest metropolitan area.[/PQright]

Over 8 million people live in the state of Virginia and around 2.8 million of them live in the Northern Virginia area. Northern Virginia has a booming wine country and is a regional attraction. A short travel time away from the D.C. metro area and you will be surrounded by local vineyards such as 612 Vineyard in Berryville, Stone Tower Winery in Leesburg, and 8 Chains North Winery in Waterford. A key aspect of living in Northern Virginia and close to the Metro D.C. area is the military presence. There are 27 military bases in Virginia, so many jobs are government related and many families are military families. Moving to Manassas, VA means you will be within driving distance to great beaches, historical landmarks, and the nation’s capital which is also the nation’s 6th largest metropolitan area.

Entertainment Around Manassas

Manassas National Jubilee of Peace
By Billy Hathorn, used under CC BY-SA 3.0, Link

Moving to the Metro D.C. area means you are close to a plethora of Civil War history. Living close to so many historic landmarks and museums means you will have an opportunity to enjoy a real-life history lesson without much effort. Just outside of Manassas proper, you can visit the site of two historic Civil War battles. Take a driving tour of Manassas National Battlefield Park which is the site of the First Battle of Bull Run and the Second Battle of Bull Run. Visiting the Manassas Museum will provide a history lesson on Civil War and the city of Manassas’ railroad history. Manassas is not only a hotbed for history buffs, but you can also see opera and theatre shows at the Hylton Performing Arts Center. A family day filled with water and fun awaits at Splash Down Waterpark, and Signal Bay Waterpark. Some high-quality adult only entertainment can be had at KO Distilling and Heritage Brewing Company.

Navigating the Traffic in Metro D.C.

Traffic in Metro D.C. is notorious for being congested, but there are some key factors to consider that will help you navigate the city in a car. When driving into D.C., take notice that the Key Bridge is a place of heavy congestion that will slow down automobile travel. The Southeast Freeway, Chain Bridge, and New York Avenue are also roadways that are heavily traversed roadways. Living close to your job is a great idea so your commute is short or so you can commute by other means.

Agreeable Weather and All Four Seasons

No matter if you are moving from a colder east coast city, a blustery Midwest town, or a hot and humid southern state, you will learn to appreciate the agreeable weather found in Northern Virginia. Northern Virginia and the Metro D.C. area have all four seasons, but don’t have the extremes found on other regions across the country. The mean average temperature in Manassas is between 55 and 60 degrees. The natural and geological factors that shape Virginia’s climate are the Atlantic Ocean, The Blue Ridge and Appalachian Mountains, and the rivers and tributaries found throughout the state.


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