Moving into Your First Apartment

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Moving into your first apartment is a big deal. Whether you’re close or far from home, it’ll be a big change in lifestyle, which can be an amazing thing! You’ll have more responsibilities, but having flexibility to do whatever you want with your own space, whether it be decorating, DIY projects or a dance party of one, can be freeing. Before you get settled in, however, there are a few steps to take during your apartment move so you can save money and ensure everything goes smoothly so you can enjoy your new apartment in no time.

Understand Your Apartment’s Layout and Lease Agreement

It’s important to read your lease agreement so you understand your apartment complex’s policies. This should tell you when you should be moving in—the date and the time frame—as well as the complex’s policies with moving trucks/companies, and any other restrictions. Additionally, it’s also important to know your apartment’s layout and its dimensions. This is essential so you can determine the size of the furniture you need to bring and how much of your belongings you can fit or need to put in storage. This way, when you are ready to move into your apartment and arrive on scene, you’re less likely to bring stuff that’ll clutter your space. This will help you avoid hitting any other bumps in the road so you can have an effortless move.

Have a Packing List

Create an apartment packing list. This list can be organized into two categories: stuff you have and need to pack, and stuff you need to buy. Remember to pack early. When you pack later in the moving process, you’re more likely to forget things which can be an unnecessary headache later on. Additionally, making sure you’re organized with your packing list and the packing of your items will save you time and difficultly in the long run.

Regardless of how many things you have already, it’s likely that you’ll need to buy a few supplies. There are the obvious things to pack like your clothes, room decorations, kitchen utensils, and so on, but there are items that are easy to forget to pack when moving to your first apartment. Some things that you’ll need to pack include:

  • Cleaning supplies
  • Clothes hangers
  • Batteries
  • Tool kit
  • First aid kit
  • Toilet paper
  • All electronic chargers/cables
  • Fire extinguisher (some apartments have these on each floor)
  • Light bulbs
  • Trash cans and bags
  • Dishes/tupperware
  • Storage trunk

Be sure to add onto this list as you’ll likely have things pop up into your mind as you’re packing. This way you’ll have a list that is as detailed as possible, and you’ll be prepared with everything you need. You can also ask for help from others, and it’s likely that they’ll remind you of something you forgot which you can add to your list as well!

Budgeting and Buying for Your Apartment

Budgeting is something that not a lot of people want to do or feel they need to do. However, taking a little bit of time to budget can save you a lot of money—sometimes we spend more money than expected or should have spent on certain items. This is something to be aware of especially when moving into your first apartment, you may want to buy brand new décor or furniture to adorn your new space with. Budgeting will help you make sure you’re not overspending. Another way to help you save money is to buy things used. You can find some great discounts as well as products from secondhand shops. Some places that you could go in Manassas, VA include the Goodwill on Sudley Rd. or the Salvation Army on Balls Ford Rd. Additionally, you can find some great items at the dollar store.

Hire a Moving Company

If your apartment is not furnished, it’s likely you’ll need a moving company to move beds, dressers, large tables, etc. Finding a great moving company for your first apartment move is important. After being in the moving business for over 50 years, there’s nothing that we at Manassas Transfer haven’t seen when it comes to apartment moves. So, make sure the company you hire is reputable, experienced, as well as reasonably priced. A good way to determine this is to look at the company’s rating on BBB, Angie’s List, Facebook, Google, etc. Here at Manassas Transfer, we understand how overwhelming the moving process can be, so we try to make it easy by offering great prices and above-and-beyond service.

So, congratulations on your first apartment! Even though there are new responsibilities that come with it, especially during the moving process, this can be an exciting experience, so remember to have fun with it!


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