Tips for Moving in Together

Living together is much different than seeing a friend or significant other only some of the time. When you move in with someone, you will see the other person in a more complete way. Taking the step of living with someone else is great because you have someone to share moments with and for couples in a healthy relationship, your bond will get stronger by doing so.

Laying Ground Rules

Whether you are moving in with your significant other or a roommate, knowing what makes the other person tick can help the health of your relationship moving forward. Couples who are moving in together should be aware of what they are getting into. It may be smart to have an in-depth conversation and wait until both people are ready to take this step. Some of the best times of your lives together will be had after you move in with your friend or significant other. Entertaining friends at your new place, saving on rent by splitting the costs, and even having someone there when times get tough are all great aspects of moving in together.

Sharing is Caring

A Young Couple Moving in Together

Sharing time together with your roommate or significant other is wonderful. What’s not wonderful is watching Monster Trucks rallies every Sunday on the TV instead of your favorite show because it’s what your boyfriend likes. Couples and roommates alike need to learn how to coexist when they move in with each other for the first time and this is done by sharing. Being considerate and taking turns goes a long way to everyone getting what they want out of living together. Chores should be evenly divided so no one feels like they are doing all the work. Taking turns is a great way to do this. A schedule or calendar could be perfect for implementing this kind of system. Working through the small stuff and putting in mutual efforts helps your relationship grow so both parties can start to enjoy cohabitating. Relationships and marriages are a partnership and being able to work through challenging times will make your relationship stronger moving forward.

Respect Boundaries

People need their private time to do what they enjoy most and to center themselves. Privacy is needed so both members of the relationship can still be their own person and not just the other’s constant companion. This may be in the form of meditation, reading a book, painting, calling family or going for a walk. No matter what your roommate does for their special, personal release, respect is the biggest key to keeping the peace. Being mindful of your partner or roommate’s personal space and time is going to go a long way, and this is a two-way street, so think about how you like to be treated. Being upfront with what you consider to be yours and not to be shared will help preserve your most personal items. If that butter pecan ice cream in the freezer is meant for yourself, then put a label with your name on it. For a couple, it may be difficult to break the ice at first, but being honest and straightforward will help to avoid an overstepping of boundaries.

Talking Dollars Makes Sense

Who will pay what portions of what bills is a crucial detail to plan and is an agreement that should be upheld. If someone uses electronic billing, who will pay and how will payments be split when the utility bill arrives? Discussing a plan ahead of time is going to make life much better than figuring out who owes what after the fact. Talking about worst-case scenarios before they happen will allow a couple or friends to establish what will happen if unexpected situations occur. What if one roommate loses their job and falls behind on the rent? Hashing this detail out ahead of time will make everyone more at ease if something unforeseen happens. Having savings before you move in together can help to pay for expenses that may unexpectedly come up.


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