Moving Cross Country Tips

If you’re moving to the East Coast from the West Coast, it’s going to be a big change. There will be different people, different traffic, different foods, different trends, you name it. Change can be good and it can help you evolve as a well-rounded individual. Moving to the East Coast can be a real treat, and you’ll want to be able to experience the atmosphere once you move. Here are some tips to help with your move to the East Coast.

Moving to the East Coast from the West Coast

East Coast, Manassas, VA

When you’re used to living on the West Coast for much of your life, transitioning to living on the East Coast is a huge change. It’s best to get to know your new East Coast city as soon as you can and start exploring immediately after you move there. This way you are thrown into the culture, and you can become accustomed to the area attractions and things only on the East Coast. Get out and about, and surround yourself with new activities as opposed to hiding away or reverting back to your West Coast habits. Meet your neighbors, colleagues, and more to get to know the people around you and the East Coasters lingo. You can always bring a piece of the West Coast with you as nostalgia and to keep your memories from your old home close. Just make sure you spend time exploring so you’re not dwelling on the past.

Here are some benefits of living on the East Coast.

  • You get to experience snow in the winter, sunny days during the summer, and vibrantly colored leaves in the fall.
  • You don’t get many earthquakes or tornadoes.
  • The cost of owning or renting a house or apartment can be cheaper on the East Coast.

How to Move Cross Country Cheap

How much does moving cross country cost? That depends on how inexpensive you choose to make it. One thing you can do is sell all or most of your stuff! After all, you’re starting fresh in a new place. You might as well start off on the right foot with no clutter and room to grow. To sell your stuff, you can use online sites like or if you don’t have much to sell. Plato’s Closet will also take your slightly used, brand-name clothing and pay you for them. If you’re selling a lot of your stuff, consider having a garage sale. Get your friends and family to help, and invite your neighbors so they can take the time to say goodbye to you. Celebrate afterward! It’ll be like one last little hurrah before you move.

How to Move Out of State on a Budget

Choosing a moving company is good choice for moving cross country, but only pay for the services you need. Get an in-home moving estimate from movers beforehand so you get a price range for your move. Have your mover explain anything you don’t understand on the quote and ask them if there are any extra costs so you know there are no hidden fees! Save more money than you think you need to! There may be extra costs that come up that you didn’t think about.

Cross Country Movers Reviews

Before you hire cross country movers, read the reviews on several moving companies! Compare mover reviews of more than one company so you know you’ve made the right choice in the end. You can find cross country mover reviews on Google, Facebook and other websites. Don’t settle on the first mover you find that offers cross country moving services; do your research beforehand.

East Coast Moving Services

Hiring the right cross country movers for your relocation is imperative if you want a smooth and efficient move. Make sure you hire movers who are experienced with long distance and cross country moves so you know you can trust the company with moving your stuff. Remember to make the most out of your East Coast move!


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