How to Choose the Best Storage in Northern Virginia

When looking for storage facilities, you have to ask yourself two questions. First, why are you storing items? Second, how and when do you want to access those items? The most common reason people are looking for storage is because they are moving or don’t have enough room where they are living. Also, most people want to know that they can easily access their items, at anytime of the day, but still make sure that they are safe and protected. Because of all of these options that people want in a storage unit, it can be very challenging to find the right one. To find the right unit, follow these tips and in no time, you will be a storage unit pro, and know exactly what you are looking for in a unit.

What Type of Storage to Choose?

Company warehouse Storage units come in two types, warehouse and self-storage. Warehouses are typically for businesses and individuals with prized possessions that require extra care. They are larger in space and cost more, but they have the room that is needed for larger items like cars, furniture, pianos and priceless antiques, as well as having options for climate-controlled units. Self-storage units are for families or individuals that are looking for some extra room, they can range in cost, and have different types of amenities. If your items are large and/or expensive, warehouse storage is the best option, because it will give you a lot more room than self-storage will as well as care from professional movers. If you are just looking to move a couple of items to a house full of items, but require some special amenities, self-storage will likely be your type of storage.

Indoor or Outdoor Unit?

Outside self-storage units When it comes to self-storage, the units are either indoor or outdoor. Indoor means that it is inside a building, and outdoor means that it is in a building that you need a key to. There are pros and cons to both, including safety, accessibility and access to climate-controlled units. Outdoor units are not as protected as indoor units and don’t have as many amenities as the indoor units, but they are cheaper. Indoor units do come with a lot more amenities, including climate-controlled units and more surveillance, but they do come at a higher price. When deciding between indoor and outdoor storage units, think about what amenities you want in a unit and how much you are willing to spend on your items.

Proximity of Your Unit

Moving your valuables into a unit can be very stressful, especially when the unit far away. Renting or purchasing a storage unit that is close to your home or business can be very beneficial in many ways. By being closer to your storage unit, you will have quick accessibility to it, meaning that if you have any worries about it, or just need to go retrieve something, it won’t be that far of a distance. Depending on the proximity of the unit, it can increase or decrease the cost of your unit, meaning that maybe you get the unit farther away, to store more items, or get the unit closer, and store less items.

Moving Into Your New Storage Unit

By now, you might have begun to decide what type of storage unit is best for you. Is it the warehouse for your expensive and sensitive items that is 20 minutes away? Or is it the indoor self-storage unit, right down the road from your house, with 24/7 access? Depending on the reason that you are using the storage unit for, you should really think about everything that you want in one, whether that be security, heating and cooling, or anytime access. Think about all of the factors before you do sign up with any storage companies in Northern Virginia, because making the right decision is the best you can do for your possessions.


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