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Whether you’re moving your gun safe locally in Manassas or Northern Virginia or you’re moving to another state, you’ll want to know some guidelines for moving a heavy safe. Moving a gun safe requires a plan and the safe itself requires proper handling and care. Attempting a DIY gun safe move can prove to be tricky, which is why we suggest hiring movers like us to get the job done for you. However, we have some gun safe moving tips to get your specialty move headed in the right direction. Our gun safe moving tips will help ease the process for you so you can relax and enjoy your move.

Moving Your Gun Safe in Northern Virginia

When moving your gun safe, it’s important to follow a few key steps for the safety of yourself and to keep the safe in good condition. You wouldn’t want to risk hurting yourself or damaging your gun safe because you didn’t follow the proper safety measures for moving. Here are some simple steps to follow when moving your safe:

  • Determine the dimensions of your gun safe and also how heavy it is.
  • Remove the contents of the gun safe.
  • Protect your safe from potential damage by wrapping it in a moving blanket and securely taping the blanket to the safe.
  • Protect any surrounding furniture by covering it with a furniture blanket.
  • Cover your floor with cloth or soft padding to prevent damage.
  • Wear thick gloves and closed-toe shoes to protect your hands and feet.
  • If you must move the safe without the help of professional gun safe movers, make sure you have at least three other people helping you: one person for each corner of the gun safe.
  • Make sure you have the proper equipment. This could include a pallet jack, a furniture dolly with support straps, a loading ramp and more, depending on where you’re moving your safe.
  • To put your gun safe on the dolly, have one of your helpers tilt the safe to one side. Then, slide the dolly underneath it.
  • Strap the gun safe tightly on the dolly.
  • With a helper walking alongside of the safe to keep it steady, tilt the dolly backward to start moving it.

How to Move a Gun Safe Down Stairs

Moving your gun safe up and down the stairs requires even more focus and steady hands. Again, make sure there is one helper on each side of the dolly to help guide the safe to its destination. Guide the gun safe up or down stairs taking one step at a time. The most important thing to remember when moving a gun safe up or down stairs is don’t rush! Move slowly and take your time. Last but not least, you’ll need to load the gun safe into your truck by rolling it up a loading ramp and into the vehicle.

Manassas Gun Safe Movers

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To make this process easier on yourself, consider hiring professional gun safe movers who can easily and efficiently move your gun safe to or from Northern Virginia. Using gun safe movers will not only take a load off your shoulders, but it will also keep you safe from any potential harm a DIY move is more likely to cause. Before the professional gun safe movers transfer your safe, you can still determine the dimensions and weight of your safe to let the movers know in advance so they are prepared to move your safe with ease. You can also empty the contents of your safe to make it easier on the movers. If you enlist the help of professional gun safe movers like Manassas Transfer, your movers will have all the proper equipment and the necessary experience to safely move your gun safe to or from Northern Virginia.


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