Government Moving in Northern Virginia

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If you’re a government employee or a part of the armed forces, you might find yourself moving a lot. No move is the same and each move is its own task. Try not to worry, though, because we have plenty of tips to help ease your government moving process in the Northern Virginia area. We understand the complications of every moving process and we want to make sure your move is easy and stress-free.

Label Your Moving Boxes

If you’ve moved a few times already, you’re probably a fast packer, but are you an efficient one? First time movers and even experienced ones often forget how important it is to properly label things. Now, this isn’t limited to writing “sheets and pillow sets” with your traditional black sharpie. Add a little more creativity to your labeling process. Grab different colored markers, animated sticker sheets or whatever else comes to mind. Nothing is worse than arriving to your new home and having to sort your poorly-labeled boxes with your hard-to-read handwriting to the right rooms. By using the creative labeling method, your boxes stick out so they can be easily and quickly differentiated. For example, imagine trying to find all the boxes for little Timmy’s room and realizing that all the boxes for his room have dinosaur stickers. See – that easy!

Use What You Have

Recognize the items that you have that are already in some type of box or casing. In this case, you can save yourself some time by just moving them in the container they are already in. A lot of people take their clothes out of the dresser and pack them in boxes when instead they could simply remove the drawers, lessening the weight of the dresser, while keeping the clothes in them. This not only saves you boxes, but it also saves time. Consider doing the same thing to your closet but instead just leaving all your clothing on the hangers.

Pay the Cleaning Fee

Moving is a messy process and once you’ve got everything packed away, you’re going to notice all the little pesky things you have left to do, like cleaning. If you’re renting a home or you live in an apartment, pay the cleaning fee. Not having to do that last little bit of work and being able to go straight to your new home and begin unpacking can be a major energy saver for yourself. Trust me, there is nothing more tedious and draining than being done but not done.

Hire a Government Mover

The last tip is easy and the quickest way to lighten your load: Hire a professional government mover! Hiring government movers to take care of the hard parts of your GSA move is sure to ease your worries. With professional government movers on your side, you can trust that your items are in the hands of highly skilled professionals. To ensure that they are reputable, you’ll also want to do your research and make sure they’re worth your time and money. Nothing is worse than hiring someone to do a job that you could’ve done better yourself. To make sure your GSA movers are absolutely worth it, check their credentials. Most movers who do government moves are certified GSA movers.

Northern Virginia GSA Moves

Remember, for your next move the major key is to not make it harder than it should be. Save yourself time and supplies where you can, and pack smart. The more organized your packing process is, the easier it will be to unpack when you arrive at your new home. Don’t forget that it is okay to save yourself some energy on your move and hire government moving professionals to take care of your GSA move in Northern Virginia.


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