Five Tips for Local Moving in Northern Virginia

Moving locally to a new home can be simple if you take the right steps. Even if you’re moving from Manassas to the next town over in Northern Virginia, moving takes a lot of time and effort. With the right plan, your local move is set to be a success. Use our five tips for local moving when moving to your new abode in Northern Virginia.

  1. Plan Your Local Move Months in Advance
  2. moving checklist Even if you’re moving down the street, moving locally still requires lots of planning. It’s best to start planning for your local move at least three months in advance if you want the relocation to go smoothly. Make a list of all the things that need to get done: researching the area, sorting, packing, etc. Make sure you add a bullet point for transferring utilities, as this task is sometimes overlooked. Then, put your tasks in order of when they need to be completed. Mark each task with the specific date and time it should be accomplished by. This way, you can check off each task after you’ve completed it.

  3. Declutter Your Home
  4. Get rid of your junk! Even if you have some items that you never use lying around that are still in good shape, you should consider donating or selling them. You can always donate some of your used clothing to thrift stores like The Salvation Army. You’ll be removing some clutter and giving back at the same time. If you have old electronics, collectibles or certain brand name clothing, you can try selling some of those items. Stores like Plato’s Closet will take gently-used brand name clothing and pay you for them! Having some extra cash on hand while you move can always be helpful in case some unexpected event arises that you need to pay for. Removing some of your old belongings from your life will lessen the load of your local move and it will help you start fresh in your new home.

  5. Hire Reputable Virginia Local Movers
  6. Moving is a significant time in your life as you’ll be saying goodbye to a lot of friends, family, colleagues, and more. Hiring a local moving company will take away some of the stress of moving and allow you more time to reflect on your old home and new beginnings. For your local move in Northern Virginia, you’ll want to find dependable Virginia local movers who have had years of moving practice. Do your research on moving companies to determine which local movers best suit your needs.

  7. Create a Floorplan for Your New Home or Office
  8. Plan out where you want your furniture to go in your new house, office, or apartment. You don’t have to have design skills to make a floorplan, but it is important that you know the sizes and proportions of each room so you know whether your furniture will fit. So make sure you know the measurements of each room before you begin your sketch. You will be able to tell your local movers to put each piece of furniture in its designated room upon arrival, and you won’t have to worry about moving it later on.

  9. Wave Goodbye to Your Old Home
  10. photos of old home You’re moving away, so even though you’ll still be close by, you might be farther away from friends and family who lived in your old city. Have a gettogether with them before you move, take pictures, and make some plans to hang out in the future. You’ve also made memories in your old home that should be documented. Before you pack, take a picture of each room in your house the way it was set up. If you have kids, they’ll probably be thrilled to look back on these memories in the future. You can even make a photo album dedicated solely to sentimental moments that occurred in your old home. Go out to eat at your favorite restaurant and stop by local hotspots that you used to visit frequently. Even though your local move may not take you all that far away, you may find other places that are closer to your new home that’ll become your new go-to spots. Just remember to enjoy this time while you can, and don’t stress too much about the hard parts.


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