4 Off-Season Moving Tips

Leaves changing in Fall

It’s happening, leaves are just beginning to change colors, temperatures are starting to drop and cool breezes are rolling in. Fall is here and winter is just around the corner. Summer is the most popular time to move because people tend to have more time off. But moving during the latter part of the year can have its advantages as well. Lower temperatures mean the work isn’t as grueling and since fewer people move during the fall and winter, moving companies are easier to book.

If you’re planning on a local or long distance move but missed the summer rush, don’t worry. We’ve a few great tips that will have you looking forward to a stress free, end-of-the-year move.

Discounts on Moving & Storage

“Discounts will always vary by mover, so make sure to ask all of the moving companies you consider about special rates and discounts.”

July and August are the busiest times for moving companies. They tend to find themselves booked solid on a daily basis during the summer. Because of this, many moving and storage companies find themselves wanting to drum up more business in the fall and winter, especially in places that expect snow during the latter part of the winter.

In order to do this moving companies often offer discounted rates on moving packages after the summer is over. By waiting until the fall or winter, many people save hundreds of dollars on their move. Discounts will always vary by mover, so make sure to ask all of the moving companies you consider about special rates and discounts.

Flexible Scheduling

Another customer benefit to post-summer dip in business is a more open schedule for movers. With fewer booked up days, same-day local moves become much easier to book. This means that you can better schedule the move around what works best for you and not the available time slots a busy mover has left. No feeling rushed or having to wait longer than you wanted to move. Moving during the fall and winter gives the customer and moving company more flexibility which makes for a better move.

Better Odds on the Real Estate Market

If you haven’t located your new home yet, the fall and winter are often easier on the real estate market as well. Remember, many more people move during the summer, which means that by the time fall and winter roll around, you are no longer competing with those people within the housing market. An easier real estate market and more open moving schedules mean that you could be moved in to a new home in no time.

Start Planning Now

Although the seasons are more favorable for moving, it’s always a good idea to plan ahead. If you’re moving long distance, with a family or moving with pets, planning ahead is still vital to success, no matter the season.

If you follow these steps, we think you’ll find that moving in the fall and winter can be easy and stress-free. For more tips and advice, be sure to check our blog page regularly.


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