Office Moving Checklist

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If you’re a business professional, then you know how much time and attention it takes to successfully run an office. There are several things to consider when moving offices, whether you’re moving your corporate headquarters to another building or to the next room over. Now imagine that you must also balance the concerns of a local or long-distance move on top of everything. You’ll need to consider packing your office items, moving large equipment, and storing any excess items. You may be wondering exactly how you are going to balance such a busy schedule without any disruption to the daily flow of business. Luckily, we know exactly how to prepare for an office move, and we have some professional office moving tips for you. Here’s our handy office relocation guide for having a stress-free corporate relocation.

1. Assign a Project Manager for Your Corporate Relocation

As a business manager, you are likely familiar with the importance of assigning project managers to important tasks. Moving is no different. Assigning a project manager for your office move helps cut down on miscommunication and gives your other team members more time to keep up with the daily operations of your business. The best candidate for this task would be an office administrator, personal assistant, or someone else whose primary duties include office organization and administrative tasks.

It’s vital that all of your employees know exactly what their duties are concerning the office move, both before and on moving day. Each staff member should be well aware of the office relocation project plan that’s in place. Your project manager for your corporate relocation will be able to coordinate with the other employees while you make sure that normal business functions continue as they would any other time.

2. Hire Professional Office Movers

When it comes to moving, as with any other business, it’s best to consult with professionals who have experience in the field. It’s especially important for businesses to use office moving companies, as opposed to doing a DIY move, as professional office movers will afford you the opportunity to keep your business running smoothly throughout the move. Hiring reputable office movers who have years of experience providing stellar office moving services will leave you with more time to focus on your business. Let the professional office movers handle your corporate relocation so you can pay attention to your company. Commercial movers can provide a range of office moving services from moving office supplies to transferring office furniture and equipment. Look through our blog if you need help determining how to find a good moving company.

3. Sketch a Floorplan for Your New Office

Sketch a basic floorplan of the new office that shows the movers where to put everything. This floorplan doesn’t have to have blueprint level detail, it just needs to give the mover a clear picture of where you want office fixtures and furniture. Having this will allow you and most of your team to work offsite on moving day so that the flow of business isn’t interrupted.

When creating your plan, keep in mind the size and shape of your new office and of your desks, tables and other furniture, and think about the kind of vibe or atmosphere you want your new office space to have. Do you want an open floorplan that inspires spontaneous collaboration or does your business require everyone to have their own private space? Whatever you decide, make sure your project manager has a copy of the floorplan and that he or she can explain your vision to the moving crew.

Running a business keeps you busy, so do what you can to alleviate the concerns of an office move. Communication and organization are key, and assigning the right office manager will ensure that those two things are taken care of. By following these simple moving tips, you are sure to have a stress-free office move.


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